Incu-Lab ICE Days in StartmeupHK – Making Use of Innovative Entrepreneurship to Help People

Incu-Lab ICE Days in StartmeupHK-

Making Use of Innovative Entrepreneurship to Help People

Denis Huen 

Founder, G-Innovator Research & Creation


Date: Dec 3, 2013 (Tuesday)

Time: 6pm – 7pm

Venue: Incu-Lab, Unit 2102, 148 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Language: Eng / Chi

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Denis Huen Profile

Denis is a creative problem solver and a talented inventor. Having strong passion in science and engineering, he aspires to bring about change to the world through new technologies. After getting a Bachelors and Master degree in Physics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he is currently pursuing his M.Phil. in Physics at the University of Hong Kong. He is also running his own startup, G-Innovator Research & Creation Co.,Ltd., which aims at developing innovative and pioneering products and services to improve lives and solve social problems. He had won many top national and international awards in science and engineering. One of his inventions, an artificial robotic leg for the disabled, won him a Third Place Grand Award and a Special Award presented by the Wright State University USA at the 57th Intel ISEF in 2006. Denis was also awarded the title of “Little Young Scientists of Tomorrow” – an award only given to the top three secondary school science students in the whole of China by the Ministry of Education in 2006. His university final year research project “Energy Conversion From Nuclear Radiation to Electrical Energy ” also won him the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2008 Best Innovation & Research Gold Award. Denis was also the Chairman of the Hong Kong Science Talent Society from 2009 to 2012. Utilizing his invaluable experience in scientific research and competitions, he wished to serve as a role model to inspire and support young budding scientists to pursue their dreams in the field.

Organizer: Incu-Lab


Co-organizer: Community Development Initiative

ICE Days (Innovation and Change-making Entrepreneurship) in

StartMeUp Week of InvestHK, HKSAR Gov

Incu-Lab ICE Days (Innovation and Change-Making Entrepreneurship) is an idea sharing marathon, about innovation and creative entrepreneurship. Local and international audience of innovators and entrepreneurs will understand more about the situation.

A wide range of topics will be included: open source, open data and social media development; trends of creative media industry; innovations in agriculture, social economy and city planning; the stories of tech startups, companies and social enterprises; techs that can help the underprivileged and all sorts of ideas that can change the society in an innovative way.

We have also invited Mr. Kim A. Salkeld, JP, the head of Efficient Unit, HKSAR government, to talk about SIE fund and social innovation.

The Incu-Lab ICE Days is supported by InvestHK of HK government, and is part of the Startmeup Week of InvestHK.

Startmeup Week will be happening from the 2 – 7 December 2013 in Hong Kong! It will include the first Startmeup Venture Forum and many amazing events organised by the Hong Kong startup community.


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