Destruction of Historic Wall at St. Andrew’s Nathan Road


While there has been a lot of back slapping and media coverage with regard to heritage preservation in Central and WanChai, well loved historic sites on Kowloon are being raped and pillaged.


An appalling example is the proposed redevelopment of the tranquil green slope and the one hundred year old wall in front of Saint Andrew's Church at 138 Nathan Road into a religious centre.  This is the only stretch of street in TST that retains its original appearance.  It also fronts a GIC compound that includes The Hong Kong Observatory and the Former Kowloon British School, both listed monuments. St. Andrew's is a graded historic building.


For details on the development check out the brochure in English and Chinese( .The hillside will be completely gutted and the old wall replaced with a glass frontage topped by a faux Disney colonnade.