Engagement Evening with Peter Emerson

「政策對話及參與」系列 – 彼得·愛默生

Seeking Optimal Consensus in Elections and Policy Programmes Through Preferential Decision-Making

–> Considering the Application in Hong Kong


Whether choosing candidates for election or arriving at consensus decisions, preferential decision-making delivers the best consensus option. Pls participate and see how this can assist decision making and election operation in Hong Kong.

Participation in a preferential decision-making exercise using smart phones will be included.


Sharing Guest:

Peter Emerson 彼得·愛默生

Peter, the child of an English Catholic mother and Irish Protestant father, is based in Northern Ireland.  In 1986, (eight years before the IRA cease-fire), he organised a cross-community ‘experiment in consensus’ with over 200 participants; in 1991, he repeated the exercise with electronic voting; and since then, he has advocated preferential points voting, the Modified Borda Count MBC, as an measure of collective opinion, both at home and abroad.  He is now the director of the de Borda Institute (www.deborda.org) an international NGO, and his latest work is Majority Voting as a Catalyst of Populism (Springer, Heidelberg).


George Cautherley

Chairman, Community Development Initiative (CDI)

Jeff Au

Chief Strategy Officer, Community Development Initiative (CDI)


Michael Mo

Convenor, Community Development Initiative (CDI), District Councilor, Tuen Mun


Date: 13th Feb, 2020 (Thursday)     

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Venue: Room 103, Duke Windsor’s Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Language: English (Sharing), English & Cantonese (Dialogue)


CDI is a charity organization and your support is needed for its policy research, education and advocacy and social services works. (Donation box will be set on that day for you to contribute, or you may contact us at 3114 0784 regarding the way of donation methods)



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